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Established since 1982

Gilchrist's Confectionery Ltd is specialist event confectionery retailer offering high quality homemade Fudge and Nougats along with a wide selection of liquorice and pick & mix sweets. Based around a family philosophy Gilchrist's Confectionery is growing year on year and we are constantly looking for new events year round. With the ability to adapt to each event Gilchrist's Confectionery is  diverse and therefore able to provide what is needed for the event. Gilchrist's Confectionery attend events of all different shapes and sizes; from small exhibitions and county show all the way up to massive events with attendances of over 5 million people. We are able to provide what is needed for the event from a small stand up to 7 large outdoor stands on one event. If you take a look through our website you will see that Gilchrist's confectionery have a wide range of both products and stand styles. However Gilchrist's Confectionery are able to provide more than what is stated on the website and are able to cater to any event; Gilchrist's are more than happy to work with the event organisers should they like us provide a different type of confectionery or stand style. Gilchrist's Confectionery are happy to invest in an event to create exactly what is desired from us. Gilchrist's have shown examples of this by providing different types of confectionery such as handmade chocolates. Gilchrist's have also invested in new stand styles for specific events, especially on Christmas markets where we happily work with the organisers to provide exactly the right style to fit the event. Gilchrist's confectionery understands that every event is different and therefore tailor each stand to the event; Gilchrist's Confectionery are well experienced in this having attended events all round the UK and Europe. Gilchrist's staffing is based around a strong family ethos that is embedded in our approach to service, creating a family approach to business really comes across in our sales attitude. Providing a happy, smiley and friendly service is something that Gilchrist's confectionery prides itself on. Take a look at Gilchrist's core staff in the Our Team section of the website.  Also Take a look a Gilchrist's Confectionery at Christmas .

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