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Gilchrist's Confectionery have developed the recipes of our products over the years, the development has created the highest quality and best tasting confectionery. This development still continues as we strive for more interesting flavours.  With a wide range of flavours and styles our variety truly amazes all those who pass us. The main problem people have is picking which flavours to choose! If you take a look through our website you will see that Gilchrist's confectionery have a wide range of both products and stand styles. However Gilchrist's Confectionery are able to provide more than what is stated on the website and are able to cater to any event; Gilchrist's are more than happy to work with the event organisers should they like us provide a different type of confectionery or stand style. Gilchrist's Confectionery are happy to invest in an event to create exactly what is desired from us. Gilchrist's have shown examples of this by providing different types of confectionery such as handmade chocolates. Gilchrist's generally find that the range is more than enough for most events with most of our products being gluten free. Gilchrist's staff are well trained at allergy advice and are happy to help any customer, if the events requires specific dietary requirements we are happy to bring along a selection that meets the criteria. Gilchrist's selection of fudges, Nougats, Pick & Mix Sweets and Liquorice really come together to make a fantastic mouth watering display that really adds as an attraction to an event. The majority of Gilchrist's stands, unless purposely done, will display the best sellers of all four different product types. When Gilchrist's Confectionery merchandise an event stand with a full flash of the four different products it creates an amazing self service pick & mix with all the verities being able to mix together. This allows Gilchrist's Customers to get the best experience and exactly what kind of confectionery they would like to purchace.   

Gilchrists Fudge Nougat Liquorice and Sweets

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